Needle Minders & a Snow Day!

Jan 6, 2017

Yesterday and today were "snow days" for my two oldest kids (daughters, 4 and 8) so we stayed home and did lots of arts & crafts and watched movies.

I made a few of these adorable magnetic needle minders and while it was really just for the fun of it, after I was done I realized no one in their right mind can use 12 needle minders all at the same time - then I realized I owned 3 more (purchases from others) LOL. Needless to say my little moment of crafting needed to be turned into something else since I cant keep them all so I decided to sell them.

I listed the needle minders for sale on my Instagram shop account (sort of like a pop-up shop!) and sold 7 of them almost immediately. There are still a few left, including these adorable Heather Ross prints shown above (princess and frog). If you're interested, i've listed them in my shop here.

These are great for hand sewing or embroidery so my plan is to make some and stick them in swap packages as well.

Hope you're having a good January so far!


  1. Amista, these are adorable!

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