My Package: Herringbone Mug Rug Swap

Jan 4, 2017

I remember this morning while working on some custom graphic design orders on my Macbook that I totally forgot to upload photos to the blog of the lovely package I received from @madame_tailor for the Herringbone Mug Rug Swap.

Maria sent me a beautiful two-sided mug rug. The first side features my Herringbone Mug Rug pattern and the second side is beautiful rainbow flying geese with hand quilting details around each one. She also sent me some amazingly delicious French teas (loose), a tea steeper, and a dark chocolate bar from a French chocolatier. 

Everything was so yummy!! I loved it all and was thrilled with my package. 

The mug rug is too beautiful to put a cup on for fear of it getting stained so I'm going to hang it on my mini-wall behind my sewing area and flip it over every so often to enjoy both sides :)

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