Easy DIY Design Board for Quilt Blocks

Jan 2, 2017

Today I've got a quick and easy tutorial of sorts for you to make your own cheap (less than $5.00) design board for displaying quilt block pieces. I wasn't going to post this, but a few people DM'd me on Instagram asking how I did it.. so here you go!

These are sold commercially by a couple different entities but I didn't really need something cute and fancy, right? It just needs to be functional. And for less than 5 bucks, not having to pay to have anything shipped to my house, thats a win in my book. I got my canvas at Ollie's for less than $3, so when you factor in the scrap of batting I used and some glue, it really didn't cost much at all and didn't require much effort either!


  • One wrapped canvas in your preferred size (as cheap as you can get it, it won't be used for any special painting or crafty projects.)
  • Piece of batting at least 2-3" larger than canvas *on all sides*
  • Hot glue or staple gun.


  1. Lay your canvas face down on your batting and center.
  2. Using hot glue or staples, secure batting to the back of your canvas (on the wooden boards) beginning with the longest sides.
  3. Next, secure the short sides either by folding them inward (like wrapping a present) or cutting the corners off to lessen the bulk. 
You're done!! Seriously, thats all it takes. Now I have a nice, super cheap, 11" x 14" design board where I can play with quilt block pieces, arranging and re-arranging them to see what I like best. Its also great for tiny blocks, so you don't lose all those little pieces!

Why the wrapped canvas? I had a few people ask me this on Instagram. Some commented that they prefer foam board. Here's why I like wrapped canvas - The empty spot in the back makes the board SO MUCH EASIER to hang on a wall and the thick wooden frame makes it easier to prop against something and allow it to stand on its own. With thin foam board you just don't get those benefits in my opinion - but to each their own!

I hope this was helpful, albeit a bit self explanatory. 


  1. What a great idea, Amista!

  2. This is perfect! Thanks for posting this. I could really use this. I'm going to make this today!


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