NEW PATTERN: The Popcorn Pouch

Nov 11, 2018

I've got a brand new pattern being released today, the Popcorn Pouch!

These super easy to sew bags come in 4 sizes, can lie fat or expand up to 2.5" in depth, and have seamless linings! They really are great for all sorts of things and are easy to store or travel with.

I hope you'll checkout this beginner level pattern and consider making one (or a bunch! lol). You can search for #popcornpouch on Instagram to see what myself and others have been making with the pattern :)


  1. I made two pouches as gifts. The recipients love them. I made the medium sized pouch. They are a perfect size for keeping things neat in your purse. I plan to make some out of recycled plastic materials next for keeping the grime of camping/rockhounding tools from getting all over my backpack. Thanks

  2. This isn't anew pattern. I've had two of these that I got over 20 years ago.

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