Little Bits Mug Rug

Oct 6, 2016

Yesterday was my Mom's 52nd birthday. I had been wanting to make her a mug rug for a long time, but I just hadn't found the perfect design yet. Then I saw the Little Bits Mug Rug pattern on Instagram and I fell in love!!

I have been diligently searching for the Little Bits Mug Rug pattern for quite some time now with no luck. Each link I clicked took me to a login page for a website and asked for a username and password.

I finally found out the pattern was from Green Bee Patterns but they were updating their new website and had not added the free tutorial for the mug rug yet. Alexia Abegg (you may know her as a Cotton + Steel fabric designer) kindly told me I could email them and they would send the tutorial my way - which they did! Very quickly, might I add. So Thank You, Alexia!!

Prior to trying this pattern, I had NEVER sewed curved seams when piecing. It was a bit of a challenge but I quickly figured it out and the free tutorial was very helpful with good instructions and illustrations. I quilted it with teal / aqua variegated thread in circles on the outer edges and straight lines in the middle. It was bound by me (by hand) and done in my moms favorite colors :)

Overall, I totally LOVE the way this turned out and my Mom (and husband) did also! He thought it looked a bit like a scrappy compass of sorts. I think I may need one for myself ;)


  1. Very cute! That is certainly a very cute little gift idea. And I love the colors you chose for it as well.

    1. Thank you! I love the pattern it definitely is a great gift idea


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