Introducing Bee Gloss Thread Conditioner!

May 22, 2019

New, new, new!!

I have an exciting announcement today.. I want to share with you something that's been on my mind for quite a while and I finally turned into reality!

My husband and I have partnered together to bring you an all natural thread conditioner.. Bee Gloss! Keep reading to find out more about this brand new product.

Why it's special...

Bee Gloss is made from two simple ingredients: 100% natural beeswax (straight from our backyard) and raw 100% natural unrefined virgin coconut oil. We only use the best all natural ingredients. No bleached wax. No added scents or dyes, EVER.

Bee Gloss naturally smells like fresh wildflower honey and warm coconut. Thanks to the added coconut oil, our thread conditioner isn't hard and waxy like most... it's firm but silky smooth and leaves thread conditioned without any chunky waxy bits and nasty residue.

Removing the wax cappings from the frame to get to the honey!

Limited Edition

Because we only use locally sourced beeswax from our very own hives, Bee Gloss is a limited edition product that will only be around a couple times a year! I will only get fresh wax whenever my husband has honey to harvest.

The great thing is one of these 0.5 ounce tins will last you a VERY long time even with daily use! So, grab one while you can!


A look into one of my husbands 7 hives!

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