Traveler's Pincushion PDF Pattern

Jun 6, 2017

Hello again! I have a brand new pincushion pattern releasing today!

The Traveler's Pincushion is perfect for portable on-the-go sewing! Its not too big, not too small (finishing at approx. 1" high x 2.5" wide x 5.5" long) and can hold all the necessities! 

(Links for purchase below)

It features a felt needle landing, a pocket, and an elastic thread holder! You can easily fit a small spool of thread, a small pair of snips, small epp papers, 3-4 binding clips, multiple needles, and lots of pins on this pincushion! It also conveniently fits inside a Sew Together Bag, Bionic Gear Bag, etc. 

This is a beginner level pattern complete with photos and detailed instructions.

Where to purchase:

I love how quickly this comes together, and because of all the extra added elements it would be great as a swap gift! You could easily make these while using minimal supplies but still give someone an awesome and useful gift!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you love the new pattern :)

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