Charm Sale: Today 3:00 PM EST

Dec 7, 2016

Today at 3:00 pm EST over at @hilltop_charmsale on Instagram, i'll be selling 90 pre-made zipper charms (made by me, of course) plus I've opened up 20 slots for custom orders - where you pick the colors! *The IG account will be private until the sale goes live - all you have to do is request to follow me!

Each charm is made from either wooden or high quality glass beads in metallic or solid colors and they are approximately 1" to 1.5" in length. All you have to do is add a lobster claw and clip them onto a zipper!

My favorite place to use these are on Sew Together Bags, Necessary Clutch Wallets, or any other handmade zipper pouch / bag. I get compliments from customers all the time about how much they love the extra touch the charms add.

I hope you'll checkout my sale! :) Have an awesome day!

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