No-Waste Fabric Trimming Tags

Jun 6, 2016

Don't toss your trimmings!! Ive got a super fast and easy tutorial for you today that uses leftover fabric trimmings to create gorgeous little gift tags! Its an awesome way to create something unique while using up fabric scraps that would otherwise be thrown away for being too small.

For my two most recent swaps (#undertheseaswap and #bcbarnquiltswap on Instagram) I saved the trimmings from my projects in a small pile. Some were wider than others.. some long.. some short. But the great part about this is that is doesnt matter! Once they're sewed onto the tag you can trim with scissors to even them up.

If you don't have a tag punch or don't want to buy these pre-cut tags in store, I've included a printable PDF sheet for them so all you'll need is cardstock, a printer & hole punch, some fabric trimmings and a sewing machine :)

Materials Needed:


  1. Print your PDF tag sheet on cardstock. Cut out around solid lines. Use a hole punch to make hole at the top of the template where circle is. (*If you have pre-made tags skip this step).
  2. Gather fabric trimmings. Long & skinny trimmings work best but they won't have to all be the same width or length. Variety is good! 

  3. Lay a tag on your sewing machine platform. Lay fabric trimmings across the tag in no particular order. (this is easier than trying to pick it up and transfer it with the fabric on top - trust me!).

  4. Stitch down a straight line or two across the tag to secure the trimmings.

  5. Using scissors, trim the top of your fabric trimmings above the stitched line so they are nice and even. Next, trim botton of fabric trimmings below the bottom of the tag, allowing them to hang down in various lengths. I like to alternate between long and short cuts at the bottom.

    These tags look great on gifts but if you made several up you could package them and sell them, or throw them in a swap package as an extra for your partner! 

    As you can see below, on one tag I used thin trimmings, on the other I used wider scraps. Both from sewing / quilting projects for a swap. I just think its super neat to send your partner a little tag that will totally match their gift! And it really doesnt require ANY measuring or pre-planning, which I always love, lol.

    How do you like to package your gifts? Do you ever use handmade tags?

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post :)

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