NEW in the shop! 1" Paper Hexie Templates

Jun 10, 2016

Earlier this week I added 1" cardstock hexie templates to my shop! I have been meaning to do this for such a long time, so I finally sat down and took the time to hand punch a bunch of hexies.

*EDIT: As of 6/21/16 I will be restocking read-to-ship packs of hexies in the shop once a week or every 2 weeks. Once they sell out, you'll have to wait for the next restock. This is the only way I can manage the large amounts of orders I am receiving as I'm just one person and I'm hand punching them all by myself! Please remember that cardstock is much heavier than paper - so yes, your shipping will go up with larger orders. (ex: 500 hexies = 25 sheets of cardstock)

Each hexie is cut from 110lb white cardstock by me.  These are perfect for EPP and can be used with glue or thread basting. AND they're totally reusable! Once they're removed from the basted hexie, simply press quickly with a hot iron to flatten them out again so they can be reused. 

They will be shipped in a bubble mailer to help keep them flat during shipping. If you need some, please stop by the shop and check out the listing!

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