Gooseberry Jelly Roll Racer Quilt

Nov 15, 2015

I have had a Gooseberry Jelly Roll (by Lella Boutique for Moda) sitting around for quite some time now. I bought it during a sample spree sale from one of my favorite fabric shops at a super awesome price and decided to hang on to it until I knew for sure what I wanted to do with it.

All of my kids have had a quilt made for them at some point in time but my 3 year old daughter Lily's was a simple rag quilt that she ended up taking to preschool for nap time. Long story short it got worn out and ripped and she was really wanting a new one. In comes the Gooseberry Jelly Roll :)

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I have made one for Zoey before - this quilt is made using the Jelly Roll 1600 Quilt method by Heirloom Creations. There's even a neat little video tutorial you can watch :) Its ridiculously fast and easy, I finished the quilt top in 2 hours (I stopped twice to do other things) and the whole quilt itself came together in a matter of 3 days, including basting, quilting, and binding! My favorite method to quilt these with is either straight-line or wavy line quilting along each seam. It gives it just the right amount of drape!

Although I generally love everything about this quilt, the backing and binding really get me. These Gooseberry prints are just beautiful and vibrant. One of my all-time favorite fabric collections. I actually made 12 yards of binding from one 1/2 yard cut of the pinwheel fabric LOL. I obviously didn't need that much but it was fun to make and I've got so much left over I could definitely use it on a baby quilt, or some bibs or other projects. (Maybe a long awaited Sew Together bag??)

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