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May 5, 2021


Happy May!

It seems unreal that we are nearly half way through 2021 already. We have been renovating a home we purchased late last year. As with all renovations, surprise projects popped up that we weren't expecting which has drawn out the work being done. However, we are VERY close to finally being able to move in. In between painting, demo, drywall and all of those fun things I sneak in time to sew (in my half-packed sewing room) when I get the opportunity.

Today I have a fun new Christmas line to share with you and all the details on this herringbone style quilt I made using it for the Holly Holiday Blog Tour!

The Details:

The Holly Holiday line is designed by Christopher Thompson (The Tattooed Quilter) for Riley Blake Designs. It's a bright and bold Christmas line featuring big florals, sweet little Santa's, text print, snowflakes, and more!

To make the quilt I chose an assortment of the prints (see below) and cut large 60 degree diamonds from strips, assembled them into herringbone style rows and added two borders. There is no pattern, but its incredibly straight forward and I'm sure there are some available for free online for you.

I'm providing the exact prints and how many of each I requested from Riley Blake for this project incase you'd like to try an recreate it for yourself.

The Fabrics I Chose:

C10881-PETALPINK - Santas Petal Pink  (1 yard)

C10884-BASIL - Ditzy Basil (1⁄2 yard)

C10880-ROSETTE - Main Rosette (1/3 yard)

C10885-GREEN - Tile Green (1⁄3 yard)

C10882-RED - Snowflakes Red (1⁄3 yard)

C10883-CHARCOAL - Trees Charcoal (1⁄3 yard)

C10880-CHARCOAL - Main Charcoal (1⁄3 yard)

C10887-PINK - Greeting Pink (1⁄3 yard)

C10881-BASIL - Santas Basil (1⁄3 yard)

My outside borders were cut at 2 inches (green) and 4 inches (pink). The rest of the quilt is VERY simple. 

As I said before, I used a 60 degree ruler to cut large 8" diamonds and arranged them on my design wall in a herringbone pattern. Because of the way this quilt was made I had very minimal scraps left. I didn't have a plan when I started cutting the diamonds so I was determined to use whatever I had to make a good lap size quilt. It was actually a happy accident that I had just enough of two prints left over for a border.

Holly Holiday ships to stores in May and is manufactured by Riley Blake Designs. Search for it at your favorite online or brick and mortar quilt shops to get started on your holiday projects :)

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