Inside Outside Pouch: Pattern Review

Jan 13, 2018

Oh, my! I have an absolutely amazing bag to show you all today!

If you've been following my Instagram (@amistabaker) you'll have noticed I tested yet another new pattern for Aneela Hoey, called the Inside Outside Pouch. It features a very large, incredibly roomy pouch with TWO vinyl zipper pouches on the outside.

This pouch is perfect for makeup, sewing or knitting supplies, or arts & craft supplies. It is really an amazing gift for all ages and genders. ANYONE could use this pouch! Clearly I am gushing LOL. But really, I adore this pouch and I can't wait to make more!

Okay, on to the review....


  • 10" wide, 6" tall, and 4" deep when opened.
  • 2 vinyl zipper pockets
  • roomy interior
  • sturdy, hard base 
  • carrying handle
  • lightweight

Pattern Review:

You can purchase the Inside Outside Pouch here.

First of all, as always, I find Aneela's patterns to be easy to follow and flawless in their instruction. Her illustrations are a wonderful addition, and something I think ALL pattern writers should consider adding - especially when it comes to bags!

I did not have any issues putting this bag together. The only remotely "difficult" part is hand sewing the binding onto the outer edges to finish it up. Its a bit tricky to get into those inside corners, just like the Boxy Clear Pouch pattern I tested for her last month. But, it can be done with some time and patience and the hand sewing really makes the bag look that much more professional.

Overall, this is a great addition to anyone's pattern library and something I think intermediate or expert level bag makers will really enjoy. If you're a Beginner this is totally do-able! Just take your time :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you'll checkout this awesome pattern and whip one up for yourself :)


  1. Amista, What a beautiful bag. love the 2 fabric picks that you used. Going to head over and check out the pattern. Looks like a great bag! TFS.

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