Hopscotch 1930's Revival Quilt

Jan 11, 2018

Happy Thursday! Im stopping by really quick to show you some photos of the Hopscotch 1930's Revival Quilt kit I finished (Purchased from Craftsy) just before Christmas for my Mother-in-Law.

Funny enough - I forgot to take a photo of the entire quilt after it had been bound and finished. Likely because I got it done just days shy of Christmas and immediately packaged it up nice & neat with a bow and put it in a gift bag for her as soon as I was done. Either way, here are some photos for you to enjoy and a couple thoughts on the kit and pattern :)

Free motion E2E quilt design in "Stitch Happy", quilted by Shannon of River House Quilting in Montana. 

THE PATTERN: First off, let me start by saying that the pattern has some flaws and I wasn't the only one to point them out. After posting snapshots of this quilt on Instagram (@amistabaker), a couple quilters asked about my thoughts on the pattern and if I also had problems with it.

The cutting instructions seemed accurate, but the piecing instructions left something to be desired. The pattern writer referred to the background fabric (white - came with kit) and the lower volume shades from the jelly roll (also came with kit) both as "Light" fabric. So often times you weren't sure which "light" fabric they meant..... was it the background or the low volume prints?? Calling them the same thing was very confusing.

Aside from the minor pattern issues, I got this kit on sale and everything that came with it was more than enough to complete the quilt top and at a great price. Later on I purchased matching binding fabric to go with it before sending it off to be quilted.

Lastly, these fabrics are from the new Boundless lines by Craftsy. They are high quality quilting cotton and I didn't have any issues with these fabrics at all, they are rather nice!

Have you bought any of this new line of Boundless fabrics? What did you think?

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