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Apr 24, 2017

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Amista Baker, and if you're new here and visiting from the Sew Much Fun Blog Hop hosted by Jen @ Faith and Fabric, I've got some great scrap busters for you that are my go-to projects for living as waste-free as possible when it comes to fabric.

Below you'll find instructions and ideas for using up all those tiny scraps you never thought you'd have a use for!

Scrappy Gift Tags

This is my #1 favorite way to use up block trimmings. I know some can be a bit too thin and really theres not much you can do with those, but if you've got close to 1/4" (or bigger) strips left from trimming quilt blocks, squaring up fabrics, etc. then you can definitely make some of these gorgeous tags!

Instructions: Simply gather your trimmings and some paper tags. Trim the fabrics with a pinking rotary blade (optional) then add a few scraps onto the tags near the top and sew with a 1.0 - 2.0 stitch length. Trim the top flush (all one length) and trim the bottoms of each strip to various lengths as shown. If you need a step-by-step tutorial with some free printable tag shapes then just click here :)

Leaders and Enders Jar

If you chain piece, leaders and enders are likely something you use often. I keep any fabric trimmings that are too short for Scrappy Tags in a cute little mason jar and save them for use in chain piecing. This one is a bit of a no-brainer: Just grab a jar and throw the little fabric bits in whenever you have some that are suitable.

I like to finish the jar off by adding a 5" charm ontop of the lid disc to make it extra cute :)

One Inch Hexies

Another one of my favorite's is to use any 2.5" or 3" leftover squares to make one inch EPP hexagons. Sometimes I don't always know what project i'll use them for, but I eventually do use them. I like to store the fabric cuts in my Mini Sew Together Bag and bring it out whenever I want to do some hand stitching. It's a nice slow and steady project :)

If you're not into EPP, you could also save squares for small patchwork!

What about the EXTRA tiny stuff?

After using the methods above each time I sew, what I'm left with are typically teeny tiny little trimming piles that really cant be used for anything and most people throw them out, right?

WRONG - save them in a bag and use them to stuff pincushions! ;)

What is your favorite way to use scraps? 

If you can find a way to save and use your scraps, eventually you'll be down to waste-free sewing! I hope you found these helpful and thank you so much for visiting the Sew Much Fun Blog Hop!

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