Mandala Moonflower Embroidery Pattern

Apr 23, 2017

This gorgeous hand drawn Mandala Moonflower embroidery design is perfect for begginers and pro's alike. I sketched it out myself as a way to do a stitch sampler and thought I'd share the design with all of you :)

Use the printable PDF pattern to practice basic stitches, or fill it in with intricate designs and make a true work of art!

  • Available on Craftsy and Payhip.
  • Must transfer design to fabric.
  • Great as a stitch sampler or used in a class.

Have some fun! No planning is necessary :) I used DMC embroidery threads in various shades, 3 strands for each individual stitch, and simply worked my way around the mandala choosing different stitches as I moved on to new areas. In total, I used 6 different stitches.

I found myself ultra relaxed while making this, and I hope you will too! I spent an hour or so hand drawing the design, then several hours (over the course of a couple days) stitching it onto this beautiful essex linen.

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