Olive's Flower Market + a Goody Goody Binding Kit

Dec 5, 2016

How beautiful is the new Olive's Flower Market collection from LellaBoutique for Moda? This is definitely not my usual color palette but I couldnt pass up these beautiful florals (and especially those bias stripes!).

I recently made a Goody Goody Binding Kit using a mini charm from this line plus some Fat 8's from my bundle. Have you ever made this pattern?? I ADORE it! I grab mine every single time I have hand binding or EPP work to do. It holds so much stuff!!

The details on the inside of the kit are my favorite!!

The measuring twill tape is a nice touch and especially useful if you only want a certain amount of thread for your needle or you could clip binding clips on it as well! The thread holder can accommodate 2 small thread spools and between the zipper pouch and slip pocket there is TONS of room for paper piecing, snacks, and much more! I have already sold this particular binding kit, and have orders for 2 more just like it :)

You can order one from my shop here!

You can quickly take this on the go with you if needed. They are really handy.

Below is a shot of the entire exterior and interior of the kit. Soo pretty! Love these fabrics!

Is Olive's Flower Market a fabric line you would be interested in?? Im surprised at how much I love it!

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. So cute, just love this fabric line.

  2. I just love the pairing of stripes and florals. Unexpected and so pretty.


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