Bloc Loc Rulers + The Start of A Flying Geese Quilt

Dec 5, 2016

Well, I feel silly! I just recently hopped on the Bloc Loc Ruler train and wow, was I missing out! I totally underestimated how useful and amazing these rulers would be. I mean.. I've seen videos of them in action, but I didn't quite realize how badly I needed one!

I purchased the 3" x 6" Flying Geese Ruler from Missouri Star Quilt Co. during their Black Friday Sale on a whim... I have been contemplating making a scrappy flying geese quilt for a while now but the dreaded task of trimming them all had me putting it off. I feel like I never quite get them trimmed straight enough! Well, this ruler has totally solved that problem all together!

First impression...

I opened the package and was pleasantly surprised that it came with an insert that detailed what size squares and rectangles needed to be cut to achieve a particular size Flying Geese unit. Lots of sizes are listed, but for me I chose a 3" x 6" finished block size because thats the size of my ruler.

I cut the pieces, sewed and pressed, and slipped the ruler grooves into my seam allowance and trimmed. I was IN LOVE! It totally took the guesswork out of measuring and trimming my blocks and I know Im going to use this all the time!

The best part? For this size Flying Geese unit, two 3" half square triangles are produced as well! Just sew together the triangles that are cut off from each corner and voila! The only real issue I have with this is while I love that it is nearly waste-free... now i'll also have to find a project to use all of the HST's on LOL. And now I need an HST Bloc Loc Ruler, right??

A scrappy quilt in the making...

My plan is to use leftover fabric scraps from current and previous projects to make as many scrappy Flying Geese units as possible using this ruler. Eventually, over time, I would like to have enough to make a full sized quilt big enough for me and the hubs to snuggle under. Right now we only have throw or twin sized quilts that are really just good for one adult (or two kids lol) at a time.

The block shown here (first photo) will be the very first block I'll be setting aside for my long term quilt project. I hope to make more soon and post them here on the blog periodically under my new WIP tag :)

Do you like Bloc Loc Rulers??

I'd love to hear your opinions - I know they make several types and the Flying Geese one is the only one i've ever tried! Should I buy more?

Thanks for reading!

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