Super Tote Swap: My Package

Aug 8, 2016

Today is the official ship day for the #supertoteswap on Instagram. Everyone should be postmarking their totes no later than today! I'm glad to have the swap wrapping up and I love seeing everyone shipping and receiving their totes already!

I received my Super Tote from my partner last week (@jennaquilts) and I was so beyond happy! She made me this gorgeous Cotton + Steel plus sign patchwork tote and I'm in love!
Front of tote with slip pocket

Back of tote
Jenna used all of my favorite colors and some really gorgeous prints. from new and old Cotton + Steel lines. She did an amazing job and I cant wait to use it for the first time!!!

Recessed zipper
The inside of the tote, each side has stretchy elastic pockets.
 Look at that viewfinder print!! One of my favs! The inside stretchy pockets will come in handy I'm sure... I have 3 kids and constantly have water bottles or sippy cups and snacks in my purse!

Closeup of patchwork design
I am so so beyond pleased with this. Thanks so much Jenna!!


  1. Just lovely, colours, pattern, execution - everything. Lucky you! =)

    1. I am definitely lucky, the bag is gorgeous. :)

  2. ooh that one turned out so nice! I'm sure you'll be enjoying that!!

  3. I am already using it as my diaper bag! I really love it. Goes everywhere with us :)


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