Alison Glass 2016 Sunprint Collection

Aug 2, 2016

I am late to the Alison Glass bandwagon. Shame on me! So, I decided to grab a fat eighth bundle of Sunprint (2016 edition) when I had some extra funds last month. I totally did not know what I was missing!!

Swoon. I mean seriously, look at all that rainbow goodness! 

I have a bad habit of only purchasing my favorite colors and not branching out to other shades. This totally solved that problem! These are soft, vibrant, and totally gorgeous and I cant believe I knew nothing about Alison Glass prior to this. *hangs head in shame*

Let's take a look at the individual prints...

Each shade is super unique. You don't get those traditional primary colors that you see in other rainbow themed fabric lines, they're all jewel toned which I LOVE. Plus the print designs are really awesome, it's this eclectic mix of floral and geometric and it totally works!

These are what I call the "berry" shades. My favorite!

Note that the same print is never repeated in the same color. I love this! It gives the line a huge amount of versatility. 

So, what do you think of this line? Would you purchase it?

I am so smitten with these prints, I cant wait to make something with them! 

PS: I also have a FQ bundle of Kate Spain's Grand Canal line and a bunch of  precuts of Lella Boutique's Olive's Flower Market line coming soon!! Stay tuned ;)


  1. Yes, I love and have purchased them!

  2. Gorgeous!! The 2,3 and 4 photo shows fabrics that would go perfectly in my Travelling Bee Quilt - just love those berry shades. Have fun!

  3. I haven't purchased any of this yet, but I sure do love it!


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