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Jul 9, 2016

I am doing a super quick and easy swap on Instagram right now where we are swapping fabric bundles from our own personal stash (read more below), and it got me thinking... 

What criteria do you have for fabric purchases and adding to your stash?

For me, it's a few different things...

  • I like adding to a collection of my favorite designers. Sometimes i'll purchase solely from a designer I love (like Bonnie & Camille) because the lines sell out fast and I don't want to miss out.
  • Other times I am looking to add a specific color or print because I'm running low. I have a tendency to buy my favorite colors only and my stash can look a lot less colorful because of it. Then, I go to make a new project and I'm lacking colors or prints I really need which causes me to buy fabric and wait for it to ship.
  • And occasionally I will buy just because it's on sale... I know I'm not the only one!! I still love the print, but its may not always be something id pay full price for so when I see it on sale I grab it (and usually end up loving it).

Do you buy entire lines from one designer?

For some designers I will pick & choose prints from a line and buy them singularly, which is what I do with Cotton & Steel. Love the color rich shades of their fabrics but sometimes the prints aren't for me (cats, for instance - no thanks). 

For other designers like Bonnie & Camille and Lella Boutique, I am literally never disappointed. So I will purchase bundles of their entire line when it releases. I already have Olive's Flower Market by Lella Boutique on pre-order ;)

Now onto the swap information. Im unsure if i'll do another round of this, but I do have to say it was VERY popular and we had lots & lots of people sign up.

Swap My Stash

  • Super quick 10 day swap.
  • No mosaics / photo collages
  • No handmade items or extras
  • Only designer fabrics used
We are simply swapping Fat quarters or Fat Eighths of fabric from our own personal stash's. Partners are being kept secret, and each person is tasked with simply checking out their partner's IG feed and sending them a personally curated bundle of fabrics :) It's that simple!

A follower on IG suggested we use the #swapmystash tag in the future for anyone who wants to swap fabric. Kind of in the same way you sell fabric on the #thegreatfabricdestash tag - but this way you'd be searching for people to swap with you instead. I think this is an awesome idea!

Would you use the #swapmystash tag for this purpose?


  1. Hmmm. Let's see. I buy fabric I like. I do seem to favor certain designers, but I usually only realize that long after when I'm browsing my stash. I'm afraid I am way too controlling to swap my stash. Ugh. Wish I wasn't because I sure do like what you're showing. I think it's a fear thing, my need for control. I should just learn to let go! Have fun with your swap.

    1. I totally get it i can be like that too! I want to know i will LOVE the fabrics I have. But with this swap a lot of people are being very considerate, they're checking their partners Instagram feeds to see what they seem to like best first.

  2. I definitely would swap my stash. Sounds like a blast.


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