Super Tote Swap

Jun 11, 2016

I am hosting my first ever Instagram swap!! This will be an intimate hassle free swap between a small amount of people featuring no extras, just one Super Tote made for your partner! *You must already own or be willing to purchase the Super Tote pattern from Noodlehead. (

You will be paired with a person who you will send a tote to. Another person will receive you and send you your tote. All partners will be kept secret, so please don't spill the beans on social media!! Do your best to choose fabrics and styles your partner likes. 

I really hope you will join us! Especially you, 2016 New Quilt Blogger members! This would be an awesome way for us to get to know each other better AND receive something handmade from one another :) Keep reading for links to sign up!


All participants must have a public Instagram for the duration of the swap, and follow me on Instagram to stay updated (@amistabaker). You can find ALOT more information including the entire dates of the swap timeline by clicking the swap form sign up link above. Swap will begin July 11th and end week of August 8th. Because this swap requires NO extras and has a 4-5 week time frame I feel like it's a great short swap to be apart of, AND it will finish right before most schools startup a new year (these bags are great for teachers, librarians, moms, etc)

I have personally made this tote. It is a skilled beginner / early intermediate pattern and honestly was not that difficult. Instructions are great and you can find lots of inspiration by searching #supertote on Instagram. 

(All Photos Credit to: Ana Graham /

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  1. I did see this on IG and was very tempted but with my other commitments over the summer I had to sit out!! So glad it is full and hope you all have a wonderful time.


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