PLEASE READ: Additions to current shop policies!

May 15, 2014

If you've ever purchased from my shop, or plan to in the future please take a minute to read an update to my shop policies concerning the way custom items are delivered and changed during the ordering process.

POLICY UPDATE: Starting May 15, 2014 all custom orders requiring personalized information being added to printables & digital  items (i.e. items from Made 2 Match section, Custom orders, etc) will not be finalized and delivered to customers email until customer has requested any revisions / changes and approved final version of item first via Etsy message. 

After customer approves final version of digital or printed items and that version is sent to their email, no more free revisions or changes will be aloud. Customers may request 2 rounds of revisions on custom items within the first 7 days of purchase for free *before* final item is sent to their email. Each time changes are requested, allow 24 hours for a new sample image to be sent to your Etsy messages for approval. After the first 7 days a $3.00 fee applies for extra changes, after 14 days it is required that a new file be purchased at full price.

This policy excludes all pre-made items available for instant download in the Hilltop Custom Designs shop, which are not personalized before or after purchase. Instant Download items are sold as-is and will not be changed.

So... You're probably wondering.. why the change? Keep reading to find out!

The answer is pretty simple. Prior to today's date I would allow unlimited revisions on custom items that were being personalized and designed specifically for customers. Unfortunately many of my customers took advantage of this policy to the point that up to 30-60+ days after making a purchase, they were continually coming back to me on a weekly basis asking for more changes. Essentially, they would end up with several completely different versions of the item they purchased.. for free. To make it short: Im losing money and can't continue to operate this way.

I do my best to keep my prices very competitive on Etsy and the web in general when it comes to DIY printables and digital designs. In fact, a lot of my items are much cheaper than other Etsy sellers who offer similar items. Unfortunately, because of my everyday low prices I can no longer allow free unlimited revisions for an unlimited amount of time on my personalized / custom items. As stated above, customers may request 2 rounds of revisions on custom items within the first 7 days of purchase for free. When i say "rounds" i refer to a list of changes. So your first "round" may contain several changes to your item... and you'll get 2 rounds (i.e. lists of changes) to perfect your items within the first week of purchase.

To wrap it up, i'd like to mention all custom orders have to be discussed via Etsy message prior to purchase, and during the customization process. Please always check your messages to ensure the process is smooth and quick!

Thanks for your time.

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