Teal Ombre' Quilt in Riley Blake Designs Basics

Oct 25, 2021

I've completed yet another strip quilt, this time in a beautiful teal / aqua ombre for my son's bed. All the details including fabric names and shades, a link to the tutorial and more are in this blog post so keep reading!

Photo courtesy The Quilting Smith (long armer)

This quilt top is made entirely from Riley Blake Designs basics - and if it looks familiar its because I've actually made two other versions in a rainbow of colors. You can see the Original Rainbow version here or the Chunky Rainbow version here. This pattern is hands down the easiest and quickest quilt I have ever made, so I love to come back to it.

The Details:

The pattern is the Muted Rainbow Stripe Quilt Tutorial from Woodberry Way, with a couple simple changes: First, I piece all of my strips and leave the lengths untrimmed until the top is complete. After that, I see just how wide it is in total and square it up, leaving as much of the width as I can. I usually come out with an 80" x 80" square quilt. Doing it this way makes it considerably wider than the way Alli at Woodberry Way trims hers.

Secondly, for this top I ordered 7 half yards (instead of 14 quarter yards) of fabric which gave me two strips per color instead of one. I still cut the fabric as stated in the tutorial. This was a better way to give the ombre effect in my opinion.

Ok on to the specifics... as I said this top is made entirely from Riley Blake Designs Basics. Specifically, their Confetti Cotton solids and Swiss Dot. Below are the saved IG Stories where I shared the exact shade names. If you want to save them directly to your Instagram, checkout my profile @amistabaker and click the RBD Highlight circle.

To do the quilt the way I have it takes a little math, but it's worth it in the end. Not only did I do the ombre effect for the solids but also for the Swiss Dot so that everything blended together throughout the quilt.

I had the quilt long armed by The Quilting Smith in an edge to edge design called Malachite. The backing is a gorgeous Shannon Fabrics Cuddle 3 in Saltwater Blue.

Photos courtesy: The Quilting Smith

This quilt is more than big enough for a twin bed and would comfortably fit a full size bed as well (The way I made it). You could definitely add some width and length to make it suitable for larger beds.

The binding I chose was again, a Riley Blake Designs basics, this time Bee Cross Stitch in Sea Glass. I even used a strip of it to make a handmade Pillow case to go with the quilt. How cute is that Riptide Shark Tooth print by Citrus & Mint Designs?!

That's all I've got for today... here are couple more pictures from the quilt on my son's Twin XL bed for size reference. If you make a quilt inspired by me, make sure to tagme @amistabaker on social media! See you next time :)

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