Retro Stitchery Book Tour

Jun 2, 2021


Hello and welcome to my stop of the Retro Stitchery Book Tour hosted by Beverly McCullough of Flamingo Toes!

About Me

My name is Amista Baker and I am a stay-at-home mom from Ohio with a knack for creative things like quilting, bag making, embroidery, and more! You can find me on most social media outlets, including Instagram @amistabaker. I am also a Riley Blake Designs Influencer and often get to play with fabric designed by Beverley before it hits stores. I love her designs and have always enjoyed her fabric. They have a beautiful mix of contemporary and retro illustrations and the colors are bright and fun!

The Book

Beverly's book, Retro Stitchery: Oh-So-Cute Embroideries with a Wink to the Past is a book filled with hand embroidery patterns - but not just that - it also includes a different sewing project or idea for finishing each pattern.

There are projects ranging from tea towels, zipper pouches, framed embroidery, denim jackets, and more. The book is vibrant and the embroidery instructions are easy to follow with great illustrations and clear stitching keys.

The Project

I chose to make the Let's Get Lost embroidered pouch from the book. I grabbed a few Aurifil Thread embroidery floss spools and got to stitching. I wasn't sure at first if I'd keep this design hooped or if I'd turn it into the pouch, but my 9 year old daughter made my mind up for me, lol.

As I was working on the embroidery she kept commenting on the stitching and how much she liked it. As I was finishing up I asked her to bring me the book and we opened to the project page, she was really happy with the pouch and asked me if I would be making it as well. So that pretty much sealed the deal for me, lol.

In my haste to get this pouch finished I accidentally boxed my corners too much which threw off the centered embroidery design on the linen panel. I was pretty disappointed in myself and a little peeved that my hard work seemed wasted but it still turned out great and my daughter likes it, which is all that matters. I will likely stitch this design again and leave it in the hoop to display in my sewing room.

One of my favorite things about the designs in the Retro Stitchery book are the lettering, believe it or not lol. There is a great mix of print and script styles that are really beautiful.

I hope you've enjoyed this project and will checkout Beverly's latest book, Retro Stitchery! A big thanks to Beverly for sending me a signed copy of the book and asking me to be apart of her book tour. It was an honor and I can't wait to make more projects from it!

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