Aurifil Artisan January Challenge: Thread Storage

Jan 6, 2020

It's a brand new decade and we're on our first Aurifil Artisan Challenge for 2020. This month is all about storage. I'm going to show you how I store my Aurifil thread throughout my sewing room and my favorite unconventional wall mounted storage unit!

First up, let's talk about wall mounted storage!

My husband made the thread spool holder you see above on the left side a couple years ago. If I had known at the time how large my thread stash would be I would have asked for a super big one! LOL

The unit on the right side is actually a simple acrylic nail polish holder from Amazon. I can't find the one I bought, or I'd link it for you here, but any acrylic polish holder should do. The best part is they typically only take a couple screws to install and each shelf can hold at least two rows of small Aurifil spools and one row of large spools.

Another way I like to store small spools is by using the Pencil Super Stacker Box sold at JoAnn's. They're the perfect size for holding at least 9 spools plus needle, thread, needle minder, etc. which makes them great for traveling.

I also sometimes keep larger sets in their original box, like my Kaffe Glorious Kantha set (seen below). I love how the Aurifil packaging is protective but still lets you open it up and see all the spools.

Last but not least, the clear Aurifil thread storage case for large spools. They're perfectly stackable, great for traveling, and hold 12 spools. Some of my sets in these cases were purchased that way, some were purchased empty and then I filled them with spools from my collection. I now have 6 of the plastic cases filled with large spools!

Oh, and having a thread color card is especially helpful for matching fabrics to threads. I highly suggest investing in one!

Well that it is for me! How do you store your thread?? Do you have any out of the ordinary solutions? I'd love to hear about them!

If you'd like to see a YouTube video with a more extensive and up-close look at my collection here it is!

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