Gift Kushukuru Project

Nov 18, 2019

Happy Monday and welcome to my blog! Today I'm sharing my project for the Gift Kushukuru Project organized by Jessica Swift (Art Gallery Fabrics).

Jessica describes this as "a heart warming project about gratitude featuring Jessica Swift's Kushukuru fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabrics" which was inspired by the passing of her husband last year. If you're unfamiliar with Jessica's story, please checkout her Instagram at @jessicaswift. She is so talented and kind.

Wondering what Kushukuru means? It's Swahili for "deep gratitude" and that's what this project is all about! We were tasked with making something for a special person in our lives that we feel grateful for. For me, that person is Megan @sewcial_misfit. 

Megan and I met through Instagram last year and realized we only lived minutes apart, plus she knew my husband growing up. Once we started hanging out we became fast friends. We have sew days, attend quilt shows, yard sales, quilt shops, and do so much more fun stuff together! She let me in on her little group of wonderful people and I could not be more happy to have met them all. Before meeting her, I had NO in-person quilty friends. None. No one to share my love for fabric and sewing with who wasn’t on the other side of a phone screen.

I made Megan a #traveloutboundbag using #agfkushukuru. Sometimes I feel so busy with brand projects and designing new patterns, I sometimes wish I had more time to make for those I care about. This was a perfect opportunity to do that. While this fabric line is more my style than hers, I know she'll still appreciate the gesture. I used a mix of the fabrics to make this almost a color block style pouch with

If you don’t already follow Megan @sewcial_misfit you totally should. She is kind, generous, funny, and talented. I am so glad to have her as my friend!!

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