WEEK 3: #popcornpouchsal

May 13, 2019

Welcome to Week 3 of the #PopcornPouchSAL! Now that we've cut and prepped all of our fabrics and supplies, we'll move on to sewing.

If you're just joining us, it's not too late! Checkout Week 1 and Week 2 on my blog or sign up here.

Week Three

This week we'll talk about sewing with zippers, top stitching, binding, and adding key rings!

All of your fabrics should be cut and interfaced (if necessary) and you should have your zippers, key rings, etc ready to go. Grab some complimentary threads and get ready to stitch!

Fons and Porter fabric glue pen

Sewing With Zippers

My #1 tip for sewing with zippers isn't using a lot of pins or clips... its a fabric glue pen!!

I have a Fons and Porter fabric glue pen.. but I refill it with Sue Daley glue sticks. Why? I didn't see the need in replacing the pen when any of the glue stick refill brands will work with it, and my favorite glue is definitely Sue Daley! So I started buying lots of Sue Daley glue for my pen. I typically get pink or blue glue but have also bought it in yellow.

  • Use the edge of your glue pen to place a thin strip of glue along the very outer edge of your zipper tape on the front and back sides. Make sure you keep the glue under the ¼" seam allowance and you won't ever be able to see it.
  • Follow Step 2 in the pattern, pressing the fabrics firmly onto the zipper tape to adhere to the glue. Sew as directed.

Still need zippers? Click here to order a complete set for the Popcorn Pouch pattern.
Use a fabric glue pen to stick fabric to zipper tape edge. No pens or clips needed!

You can also use the glue pen to secure the edge of exterior and interior layers so they don't slip or wrinkle near seams.


Once your panel pieces are attached to the first side of the zipper, it's time to flip and topstitch -- follow directions on step 2A of the pattern for this step.

  • Use a zipper 1" to 2" longer than recommended if you're still having trouble topstitching that second side of your pouch. Place your fabric directly in the middle of the zipper length. The extra length on each end gives you more room to work!

When topstitching I use a Schmetz Chrome topstitch needle, 50, 40 or 28 wt. Aurifil thread and a 3.5 stitch length. This combo gives me a nice visible top stitch as shown below.

Example of how I topstitch the second side of the pouch.

Topstitch in contrasting yellow Aurifil 28 wt. thread, 3.5 stitch length.

My favorite top stitch settings. 3.5 inch stitch length and lower tension.

Key Rings and Binding

These are the most frequent questions I get - How do I attach a key ring to the mini pouch? How do I fold the binding?

Well, it's super duper simple!

  1. Attach one raw edge of binding down to *front" of your pouch with a ¼" seam allowance.
  2. Fold your  key ring tab in half by bringing the short sides together. Clip to the center of the *back* of the top of your pouch.
  3. Stitch loop down with a ⅛" seam allowance.
  4. Follow Step 8 on the pattern to finish attaching the binding as usual. (use visuals below). 
**This is another great time to use a glue pen to hold that binding in place!

Back of pouch with key ring loop added and hand stitched binding

I hope this visual helps you with binding and adding a key ring! This is definitely the thing I get asked on a near daily basis, and I always try to help as much as I can. This photo set is the best way I know how to show you the pouch finishing process.

Finishing The Binding.. Hand or Machine?

My preference for finishing most of the Popcorn Pouch sizes is to do so by hand. However, if I'm making a pouch for a child or one that will get lots of use I will machine stitch instead.

Below is an example of how I finish my pouch binding by hand, including the way the edges are finished.

One last thought....

We're well on our way to finishing up this SAL!! You have from now until March 24th at Midnight EST to finish and share your creations and enter the giveaway!

Check back here on my blog next week when the Rafflecopter Giveaway opens!!

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