WEEK 1: #PopcornPouchSAL

May 1, 2019

Welcome to Week 1 of the Popcorn Pouch Sew-a-Long!

If you haven't heard about the SAL yet, checkout my introductory post here or sign up here. This week is all about getting the Popcorn Pouch pattern and gathering supplies. Today we'll talk about what you need for each pouch size and a few other notions / tools I personally use when making these pouches, so keep reading!

Week One:

Take this week to purchase the pattern and look over it, read it carefully if you've never made a Popcorn Pouch before and make sure you've got all the supplies you need to make your pouches. 

Purchase fabrics and other supplies if necessary and get ready for next week when we cut and prep all of our pouches!

What You Need:

  • Popcorn Pouch PDF: You can purchase directly from my shop using PayPal, or from Fat Quarter Shop using other various payment methods. Both sites offer instant downloads.
  • Optional Bauble Pod Hack for $1: Make an alternate style of Popcorn Pouch by using this neat hack that finished the pouch bottoms in a different way. Available only in my shop.
  • Supplies listed in the pattern for the size(s) of pouch you're making (see below...)
  • I always use a zipper that is at least 2" longer than the *shortest* measurements for the pouch panels. Why? It gives me extra wiggle room when turning the pouch for top stitching and I get much better results, keep that in mind if you're buying zippers specifically for this pattern.

My Favorite Supplies:

  • A fabric glue pen is super handy - you'll see why next week! It makes sewing with zippers much easier. My preference is Sue Daley brand.
  • I buy colorful zippers in bulk from ZipIt on Etsy, she ships ridiculously fast and you can get an entire set especially for the Popcorn Pouch pattern!
  • Suede Tassels are a pouch accessory I almost always use to finish off a pouch. They add such a nice touch. I sell them in 21 colors in my handmade shop!
  • Personalized tags aren't a must, but they are great if you plan on selling your pouches. I usually buy my cotton labels in bulk from dutchlableshop
  • You can also use vinyl instead of fabric, SewHungryHippie on Etsy has amazing vinyl choices!
  • A new topstitching needle and some matching thread for your fabrics is never a bad idea either. My preference is Aurifil.
  • If you prefer hand stitching your binding, I LOVE Lori Holt's binding needles.
  • I buy premade rolls of bias binding online.. but you can totally make your own too! (Another topic we'll cover in depth next week).
  • Another bulk purchase I make is metal key rings for the Mini Popcorn Pouch size and the Bauble Pod. You can never have too many!

Pre-made bias tape rolls from SoBiased

Get planning!

Now that you have some ideas of what I use when making my pouches, the pattern, and the requirements for all of the different sizes, get planning! Mix and match your fabrics and zippers to come up with something awesome and we'll cut & prep them for sewing next week!

Post on social media using #popcornpouchsal AND #popcornpouch this week with your fabric pull to earn extra entry points for the giveaway!

Get a set of zippers especially for the Popcorn Pouch pattern at ZipIt on Etsy!


  1. What gauge vinyl do you recommend?

  2. Also, what width of bias tape is needed? 1/2 inch?


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