Bauble Pod: A Popcorn Pouch Pattern Hack

Jan 1, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The long awaited Bauble Pod Hack for the Popcorn Pouch is finally here!

After many many requests to make this little pouch into a pattern, I have decided to post it as a free tutorial on my blog, as it is simply a different way to finish off my already popular Popcorn Pouch pattern.

First thing's first, you will need the Popcorn Pouch PDF Pattern to complete a Bauble Pod.
You can also purchase a printer & mobile friendly Bauble Pod PDF for $1 if you would like to print these instructions instead of viewing on the blog only.


Each MINI Bauble Pod is approx 3” tall, 2” wide and 1.5” deep


1. First, you'll want to choose a Popcorn Pouch size from the pattern. I'll be using the Mini / Keychain version for this tutorial. Any size will work.

2. Cut all your pieces and follow steps 1-4 from the original pattern.

3. Turn your pouch inside out (lining will be facing outward) and sew across the bottom of pouch with a ¼" seam. Cut off excess zipper tape on bottom only.

4. Pull the zipper all the way to the top and flatten pouch with zipper tape on the right side. The bottom will create a diamond shape as shown below.

5. Using an acrylic ruler with a 45 degree marking, place the corner of the ruler on the bottom corner of your pouch (made when we flattened the pouch out). Make a 1" marking across the corner as shown for Mini size -- (1" for Mini, 1.5" for Small, 2" for Medium, 2.5" for Large)

6. Sew directly across the marked line. Cut off excess corner fabric, leaving approx. ¼" seam allowance. Turn pouch over, flatten, and repeat for second corner.

7. Turn pouch rightside out (exterior fabric will be showing) and place zipper pull in the middle of the pouch.

8. Referring back to the Popcorn Pouch Pattern, complete steps 5-8 for the top of the pouch only. Finish as instructed.

You're done! I hope you enjoy making these little Bauble Pods and thank you for your support these last few months. The Popcorn Pouch has been a huge success!

You can purchase the Bauble Pod PDF instant download from my shop for $1 and print this tutorial also. 

ANY size Popcorn Pouch can be made into a Bauble Pod and you can even add on a wristlet for the larger ones! Please use #baublepod and #popcornpouch on social media when sharing your creations :)


  1. I don’t see where to purchase the pattern. Every time I click on the off, it sends me to a site called payhip. Can you tell me where I can put Chas the pattern. Thank you.

  2. Where to purchase this pattern? The link directs to a website called payhip. Thank you

    1. Did you ever get a response? The same thing is happening to me.

  3. Hi ladies. I know everyone is having a hard time trying to get the pattern up. However, if you go onto Etsy and put in ‘popcorn pouch pattern’, it pulls up the pattern for sale that Amista Baker came up with. The pattern comes in 4 sizes and as of today is for sale for &10. I hope this helps. Sew like the wild!!!

  4. Well I still haven’t found the pattern….has anyone else?? Can’t you fix the link so it takes you directly the the pattern!

    1. "Popcorn Pouch - Paper Sewing Pattern by Amista Baker"
      Search that in etsy. I don't know that I can post the direct link.



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