Favorite EPP Tools + a Giveaway!

Jul 16, 2018

English paper piecing is one of my favorite rainy day projects to work on. I love to grab my favorite supplies, some EPP blocks and get to work while watching a movie or just relaxing. But, guess what? There was a time I couldn't sew a single stitch by hand. I knew nothing!

Over the years I've learned some great EPP stitches and I honestly feel like anyone else can too! Even if you're strictly a machine sewist by heart :) So, today I've partnered with a couple businesses to bring you this post to get you started on your EPP journey, and offer up an awesome Giveaway!


A big thank you to Sue Daley Designs for sending a very generous package for the giveaway as well as my very own personalized rotating cutting mat! Thanks so much Sue! And a big thank you to Kim of RobotMomSews for sending a thread gloss as well! The other items will be from me! <3 i="">Giveaway details are at the bottom of this post.

Keep reading to checkout my favorite tools, plus enter to win your very own EPP Kit!

EPP Checklist

First, we'll start out with a basic checklist of necessary supplies. I promise I won't go too overboard and everything is pretty easy on the wallet as well which is great! Im sticking to just the basics!

  • Milliners needles, size 10 or 11
  • Binding clips
  • Needle minder (or Pincushion)
  • Thread conditioner / wax
  • 1" x 6" acrylic ruler
  • 18 MM rotary cutter
  • Glue pen + glue refills
  • Marking pen
  • Paper pieces
  • Quality thread
  • Sharp snips (small scissors)

  • Silicone or leather finger tip protectors (or thimble)
  • Needle threader
  • Shaped Acrylic EPP templates
If you'd like to purchase some of these items, I have curated an Amazon list titled Favorite EPP Tools that has all of my recommendations on it for you! You can grab everything in one place :)

My Favorites

Once you master the basics and have your tools, you can move on to new shapes. Now, I want to talk about some more specific brands, primarily the ones that I know and love and use on a daily basis. You do not have to buy these brands, my Amazon recommendations list provides alternatives.

Aurifil Thread, $4.50+
My go-to thread for everything. Aurifil 50wt. thread is smooth and doesn't produce lint or have frequent knots and breakage. You can get it in hundreds of colors, large or small spools, cones, and multiple weights.

My #1 website for Aurifil purchases in the U.S. is Hawthorne Supply Co. They have EVERY shade, weight, and multiple spool sizes. I love to buy the small spools in a rainbow of colors, its affordable and perfect for traveling. As an Aurifil Artisan I admittedly use lots of Aurifil threads for all of my projects, but even before I became an Artisan for the company I had a strong love for Aurifil and used it daily. 

Sue Daley Designs Milliners Needles
By far my favorite. Ive tried so many brands but nothing compares to Sue Daley. The little tube the needles come in is beyond convenient and super travel friendly, the gold tipped needles make it easy to see when threading and the needles themselves are just superb. They're long and thin which I LOVE! If I don't use a long needle, my hands get so sore and start to cramp. 

I often use Milliners #10 and #11 size from Sue Daley for hand sewing of all sorts, but especially EPP. They glide through the fabric without leaving a large hole and it just makes everything so seamless.

RobotMomSews Thread Gloss, $4 to $7
Kim of @robotmomsews has a wonderful little shop where she sells lots of shapes and scents of beeswax thread gloss at a super affordable price. And yea... she even has UNICORN THREAD GLOSS!

TheTrendyLittleGeek Unicorn Horn Needle Minder, $4.00
Beyond CUTE! I am obsessed with the little unicorn horn needle minders from the TrendyLittleGeek on Etsy. They snap onto fabric so easily and needle minders are great for when you need a super quick place to put your needle down during sewing. When I'm not using this one, it sits smack dab in the middle of my pin bowl :)

Binding Clips, $10
I have to admit my all-time favorite binding clip brand was Jen's Favorites from FatQuarterShop. Don't know where those went or what happened to them but they are gone (insert second cry face). So any brand will do really! They're useful for EPP, quilting, and so many other things :)

Sue Daley Glue Pen + Refills, $7.24+
I have used this glue pen for YEARS, and I'll tell you a little secret: any brand of glue pen refills will fit in these. So you can buy Fons and Porter glue refills at JoAnn fabrics, or Sewline and Sue Daley glue refills online and at quilt shops and they ALL fit! I do every bit of my EPP basting with glue. If you haven't tried it yet, you're so missing out. It is much quicker and provides more secure basting.

Olfa 18 MM Rotary Cutter, $12
Small rotary cutters are extremely good at cutting EPP pieces, especially those with curves. Because of their size they're also very easy to travel with and pair perfectly with a small cutting mat.

Sewline Styla Water Erasing Marking Pen (Blue), $5.50
I am not shy about using marking pens anymore, I've overcome my fear of stained fabric disasters. I really love the Sewline Styla Water Erasing pen in blue. Its vibrant but still removes super quick and has a nice ceramic 0.8mm roller ball that doesn't snag or fray fabrics.

PaperPieces.com and Sue Daley EPP Papers
These brands are my go-to for all paper pieces in any size and shape. For the U.S. the price and speed of shipping is unmatched. I get my items so quickly and I'm never disappointed in anything I've ever purchased, including entire quilt kits. You can also purchase an acrylic cutting template for basically EVERY EPP shape and size that PaperPieces.com sells. Amazing!!

1" x 6" Acrylic Ruler, $2.50 to $9.00
I think it goes without saying any brand will do, but a good 1" x 6" acrylic ruler with clear ¼" marking is just about the only ruler you'll need for most EPP projects. Its so easy to travel with and just a really great size for marking and cutting seams. You can find the Moda brand Travel Ruler at FatQuarterShop, but Fiskars and Creative Grids also make one commonly sold at JoAnn Fabrics and Amazon.com

And now onto the giveaway...

Prizes provided by Amista Baker, Sue Daley Designs, and RobotMomSews


There will be TWO winners! You could win a great EPP Favorites Prize Pack that includes:

Starter Package:
  • RobotMomSews Thread Gloss in Raspberry Jam
  • Sue Daley 1" Acrylic Hexagon Template
  • 100 ct. Sue Daley 1" paper hexagons
  • Sue Daley Glue Pen and refill
  • Sue Daley #10 and #11 Milliners Needles
  • Aurifil Threads, large spool in #2845
  • 2 ct. MODA Fabric Mini Charms (2.5)

Expert Package:
  • Sue Daley's Round We Go EPP Quilt Kit (papers, templates, pattern)

If you're interested in entering the giveaway, please use the Rafflecopter app below and follow the directions for ways you can earn multiple entries! Ends July 23rd, 2018. Winners will be notified via email and must respond within 24 hours.

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*Any Amazon lists are linked to my Amazon Affiliate account. A small percentage of purchases helps me stay in business doing what I love and allowing me to bring you content like this :)


  1. Love you EPP post and giveaway. I am brand new to EPP and found your recommendations very helpful! My favorite tool so far is all of the above, but I really love my rotating mat the very best!

  2. I’m still learning EPP, and I’m not sure I love it yet. I do like the Milliner’s needles.

  3. I don’t know a lot about EPP, but the hexi punch is a huge lifesaver!!!!

    1. I totally agree! I have one also but I have what they call "dishwashers wrist" and it gets to be too hard on me to punch them out LOL

  4. Just beginning to EPP. It is really a potable and relaxing style of quilting.

  5. I made about 70 grandmother's flower garden sets about 15 years ago (thirties) but haven't finished, all those flowers and no garden yet! Now that I see some of these new 'tools', I am itching to get back to that project!

  6. I'm very new to epp and loved your post to learn more about handy items. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. This is a great post as I am collecting supplies to try epp and it looks so fun, I can't wait to get started!

  8. I love using Robomomsews needle floss, Aurifil Thread and John James needles. I like making my own 1"hexies so I love the punch you can buy from craft stores.

  9. Great recommendations! I already use most of the things you mentioned, but I am always looking for better marking pens and really appreciate your recommendation!

  10. Thanks for such a great giveaway! I'm an EPP beginner, so I don't have a favorite tool yet!

  11. Kristen Mendes7/16/18, 10:20 PM

    Awesome giveaway! My favorite tool is the rotating cutting mat by sue Daley! Couldn’t go without it!

  12. I really like my Hiroshima needles. They are super sharp.

  13. I like the acrylic templates that let you see your cut as well as the seam allowance. Still looking for a needle I really like...

  14. I love paperpieces.com and Aurifil thread! I love EPP, I haven't had time for much other sewing lately and EPP always fits the bill!

  15. I have never tried EPP, but I am guessing that my Aurifil thread (especially the thin 80 wt would be prefect for it).

  16. I’m getting ready to try my first epp project and I’m so excited!

  17. There are so many helpful tools to use with EPP - my hexie punch, mini wonder clips, Aurifil thread, a needleminder are just a few of my most often used ones!

  18. I'm new to EPP however my rotary cutter was my beloved tool when I make quilts.

  19. I just found epp and find it so relaxing and addicting! I'm currently doing the Mandal in sew along and love it! Want to do the ice cream cone one next!

  20. My glue stick, ha! There’s a ton of supplies that make it come together but I think this is my biggest game changer.

  21. My favorite tool is my rotating cutting mat which makes fussy cutting so much easier

  22. A fabric glue pen. You have the right one. I have had one I have used for years. If anything happens to it I will be devastated.

  23. Love the glue stick, would live to try the epp. Thank you

  24. The fabric glue pens are a must have for my quilting.

  25. My glue stick is my favorite


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