Pattern Review: Booklet Pouch by Aneela Hoey

Mar 12, 2018

Yay! I'm so happy I can finally share this awesome Booklet Pouch pattern with you. It was created by the amazing Aneela Hoey and I was so lucky that I once again got to test a pattern for her!

I chose Indie Folk fabrics by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics, and as always my zippers are from ZipIt on Etsy.

First of all - I feel like I always say this - it's easier than it looks! LOL. But really, it is! All of Aneela's patterns are super easy to follow and understand, especially thanks to her great illustrations throughout each step. This pattern comes in two sizes, I chose to make the small size.

Its so unique, and HELLO, it looks like a crafty Trapper Keeper, right???

If you're timid around vinyl or zippers, just give this pattern a try and it will change your mind! I used 100% machine binding for my pouch (although others did a bit of hand binding) and I feel like it make the process even that much more simple. It actually comes together very quickly with some prep work ahead of time. And as ALWAYS - read through each step BEFORE completing it! Make sure you know what you're about to do first!

PRO TIP: Purchase double sided fusible Peltax Ultra Firm (the stiff stuff) to make your pouch look even better. After inserting it in the exterior slots, give it a good press on each side and it'll adhere to your fabrics and make your bag look amazing! No wrinkles!

You can purchase the Booklet Pouch pattern here!

I'm obviously a fan of Aneela, I've been testing her patterns for a while now and I'm never disappointed. I hope you give this pouch pattern a try, and if you do I'd love to see it!

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