Fast & Easy Key Fobs

Dec 20, 2017

I've got some super cute key fobs to share with you today! I made all of these in about 2 hours a few nights ago and listed them in my shop for sale. I didn't use a pattern or any particular tutorial for these but they're extremely easy so I figure I'll just write down a few instructions incase you're interested!

Keep reading to see how I made these and check out more pictures!


(makes one key fob)
  • (1) - 4" x 8.5" exterior fabric
  • (1) - 4" x 8.5" woven interfacing
  • (1) - 0.75" x 8.5" soft & stable or batting
  • (1) - 1" metal key fob hardware set
  • Pliers for clamping hardware
NEW: You can get the PDF version of this tutorial for $1 in my pattern shop. It's printer friendly and easier to view / save on mobile devices. This is great for those who don't want to keep coming back to the blog for the steps.


  1. Iron your woven interfacing onto the back of your exterior fabric.
  2. Fold fabric in half length wise and press. Open up and fold long raw edges inward (toward the fold you just pressed) and press again.
  3. Fold in half with raw edges tucked inside and press. Your key fob should now measure 1" x 8.5" with no raw edges visible.
  4. Tuck your soft & stable (or batting) piece inside of your folded key fob piece. Clip or pin the open edge shut. Stitch ⅛" away from both long edges, then ¼" from each edge, and again directly down the center. I suggest a 3.5 or 4.0 stitch length.
  5. Fold quilted key fob in half length wise matching raw edges, baste at the bottom to secure.
  6. Clamp metal key fob hardware to your quilted fabric piece covering the raw ends.
You're done!

These are really fast and very easy to make. Plus it's a great way to use scraps and make inexpensive gifts people will love!

I kept a couple for myself, sent the other to teachers for Christmas gifts, and sold the rest in my shop (there are 3 left I believe - go grab one!).  If you make one of these using my instructions feel free to tag me on Instagram (@amistabaker). I'd love to see your creations!

Get the PDF download for this tutorial here!


  1. These are great! Very good tutorial, it sounds like they are easier to make than they look.

  2. These key fobs are lovely and sound like they go together quicker than one might think. Thanks for linking up with the Tips and Tutorials Festival!

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