Stabilizers: Stiff Stuff VS Soft & Stable

Jun 24, 2016

After making my first Super Tote and hosting the #supertoteswap on Instagram, I became intrigued by trying different bag stabilizers. I really like a bag that's sturdy and stands up on it's own, one that holds it's shape without anything in it.

I have tried fusible fleece, sew-in stabilizers, Pellon SF101 woven interfacing, and a few others. But what I tried with my two Super Tote's was ByAnnie's Soft & Stable and Lazy Girl Design's Stiff Stuff: Firm and these are the two I really want to talk to you about today.

Sew Lazy Stiff Stuff ( by Lazy Girl Designs)

This stabilizer is a sew-in version and similar to Peltex but said to be softer. You can use it in place of other stabilizers - where sometimes you need two layers for extra durability, you will only need one with this one. 

  • One of the cheaper stiff stabilizers on the market
  • Bags stand up sturdy on their own
  • Can be folded or crumpled and bounces right back to original shape
  • Would work best for caddy's or totes that need lots of structure.
  • Doesnt hold creases or folds
  • A bit difficult to sew through
  • Doesnt lie flat in the seams
  • Adds a lot of bulk

Annie's Soft and Stable

Another sew-in, this is a lightweight stabilizer that is super soft but more on the pricey side. I cant really find anything comparable to it on the current market as far as look and feel go. It's very cushiony and plush.

  • Extremely soft
  • Easy to sew through 
  • Creates loft and puffiness when quilted
  • Lies flat in the seams and doesn't add much bulk
  • Very easy to cut through with scissors or rotary
  • Pricey compared to LGD's Stiff Stuff 
  • Bags stand up nice but not totally on their own
  • Holds creases and fold. 
  • Doesnt have that "bounce back" effect like Stiff Stuff.

Really, I think what it comes down to for me is that I like sewing with Annie's Soft & Stable but I like the sturdiness of Lazy Girl Design's Stiff Stuff. Just watch this video of a bag made with Stiff Stuff being crumpled and folded. If only there were a product smack dab in the middle!!

Stiff Stuff is just a pain to sew with in my opinion, I had to carefully baste every single piece of fabric to the stabilizer and there was lot's of sliding around even though I used binding clips and pins. With Soft & Stable it almost sticks to the fabric, making it extremely easy to sew with even if you don't baste the layers together.

What's your favorite bag stabilizer? 


  1. Thank you for this overview of both products. I often don't know which to choose, now I know!


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