My #BCChristmasInJuly Swap Blocks

May 2, 2016

I recently joined in on the Bonnie & Camille Christmas in July swap on IG (#bcchristmasinjuly hosted by @quiltsbysara) and I thought I'd share some of my first blocks with you!

These blocks are based off of the Modern Christmas Tree block tutorial from Diary Of A Quilter. They are quick, easy, and due to the nature of the way you cut and piece the blocks each set of trees can be totally different! You could have short trees, tall trees, crooked wonky looking trees. Its totally up to you! Its also what makes end result so awesome - you get a 'forest' of all kinds of different trees!

This particular swap only allows red, green, and low volume Bonnie & Camille prints plus a designer brown quilting cotton for the tree trunks. I chose prints from the following B&C lines: Daysail, Hello Darling, and Vintage Picnic. The brown print is a 'graph' print from the Modern Mini's line by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Fabrics.

Once all blocks are sent to the swap host, they are shuffled and sent back to us. So what I will get back are mixed blocks from various other quilters. I love that!! My plan is to make a table runner and some hot pads from the blocks I receive. I cant wait to show you the finished product!

Ive already got plans to join another swap (as soon as sign ups are open) that is going to be AMAZING so i'll be posting about it as well. All swap post are tagged 'swap' on the blog and you can find them there :) And as always, I post to Instagram under @amistabaker daily. Thanks for reading!


  1. Love these. They are so cute. I tried making these tiny little trees a few years ago and some how managed to majorly mess them up. Seeing yours makes me think I should give them another chance.

    1. I messed up my first pair! I didn't sew the correct side onto the tree first - not realizing it made a difference which side I sewed on first but it does!

  2. They are such lovely blocks, going to make a great quilt!

  3. Hi Amista, I love your little blocks, and such lovely fabrics, great colour choice.
    Just saying hello, looking forward to getting to know you better in the blog hop.

    1. Thanks Kate! Excited for the blog hop as well and getting to know everyone.


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