May is for Makers: Week 1

May 6, 2016

Over at, Lindsey is discussing how 'the balance between what we expect for free and what we are willing to purchase is way out of whack'. For each week in May she is committing to support a different pattern maker by purchasing one of their patterns. I LOVE this idea.

May Is For Makers |
I am in no way a super skilled or professional pattern writer, I wrote four simple ones myself (you can find them here) but what I can tell you is this... ALOT of effort goes into it. More than some would like to think. The pattern testing, photo taking or drawing up digital illustrations, the actual pattern writing itself. It all takes so much time, and unless you've tried it yourself I guess it's a bit hard to understand why some pattern makers ask anywhere from $6-$10 on average for a bag or quilt pattern.

To most its just a simple PDF, or some instructions printed on paper. In reality there is a lot of love and tons of creativity and effort put into these patterns. I highly suggest you read Lindsey's blog post. Im also joining her in committing to purchase one pattern per week for the month of May.

So.... for my first purchase I chose Aneela Hoey's pattern the All In One Box Pouch. I plan to use it for small EPP projects like hexies and hand embroidery supplies. Its a great bag to take on-the-go and Ive actually already started making it :) Please check out Aneela's blog and search #allinoneboxpouch on Instagram for some great photos of completed projects!

Photo Credit: Aneela Hoey // comfortstitching

You can find photos of my bag making progress on my Instagram: @amistabaker


  1. Hi popping over from the New Quilt Bloggers group. Isn't May for Makers a wonderful idea - I am in the process of getting my first pattern tested and, like you, until I started the process I had NO idea of the time and energy that goes into it. The pattern you got looks wonderful - will look forward to seeing it made up.

    1. Thank you :) It is so much more work than people think it is! Im excited to finish the first pattern I bought, i'll definitely post pictures when I'm done

  2. Loving the May is for Makers!! I'm finding some really awesome patterns to check out! Thank you for sharing :)

    1. So am i! I was actually searching the #mayisformakers tag on Instagram to find my next pattern purchase.


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