Get a Hand Drawn Board before they're gone!

Sep 29, 2014

We are no longer selling hand drawn boards at this time due to a lack of suppliers having the boards readily available.

You can now purchase a hand drawn board directly from our blog while supplies last! Click here to view the order form and full details or Click here to see images of previously made boards.

Our once growing and busy business has been winding down. While we are sad about this, we are also pregnant with our third child and have a lot going on in our lives right now. Because of this, we have shut down the online shop until further notice. BUT - I still have a handful of boards left in stock! Get one for your child before they're gone! I may/may not sell these in the future. If i do, it will certainly not be in large quantities as I have before - I will likely limit myself to 1-2 boards per week to give myself more time to focus on my family, especially when the new baby arrives :)

I can't say for sure when or if I will return to making boards once my current supply sells out. I will also be selling strictly birthday boards for children ages 0-2 as this is what my current order form, templates, sketches, etc. are designed for (and my most popular style / age range). So for those of you looking for dorm boards, wedding or engagement boards, or family board - I'm sorry :( I will no longer be making these unless there is a very high demand for it.

Thanks for everything over the past two years! I have had a great time designing and creating products for you and your children! I hope to return sometime in the future. :)

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