Tutorial: DIY T-shirt Transfer

Apr 10, 2014

Clipart from Hilltop Custom Designs, Font is Spicy Rice

Clipart isn't just for creating digital invitations and party printables, it's also great for doing at-home DIY projects like t-shirt transfers. In today's post i'll give you simple instructions on how to create your own t-shirt transfer with clipart.

Keep reading to find out how...
Materials Needed:
  • Clipart or images of your choice
  • Transfer Paper
  • Printer with good ink supply
  • Iron
  • T-Shirt
*Always read the instructions on your Transfer Paper packaging to see if any other materials are needed and be sure to match transfer image background to tshirt color!

  1. Wash and dry any t-shirt(s) you will be using.
  2. Open a blank page in a graphics application such as Photoshop, Pixelmator, or another program 
  3. Add your clipart or other image to your blank document and resize it to your needs. Always save your design throughout the process.
  4. If adding text, place the text near your design wherever you want. Make sure to use colors that stand out.
  5. Print your finished design onto your transfer paper and allow to dry fully.
  6. Read your Transfer Paper packaging and follow instructions on how to apply to t-shirt.
That's it! Its pretty simple and cheap and doesn't require you to spend $20 on custom tshirts made by someone else. Please note, typically t-shirt transfers are applied with heat using an iron, but because I can't be sure what transfer paper you'll purchase, its best to instruct you to simply follow the manufacturers instructions for the paper.

Email me at hilltopcustomdesigns@gmail.com - or click the Contact Me button above - to order the clipart OR tshirt transfer image shown above!


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