Multi-tasking With Cupcake Toppers

Feb 21, 2014

Before I created Hilltop Custom Designs and began making party printables, I would often search Pinterest, Etsy, and other search engines for affordable DIY party supplies for my children’s birthdays. One thing I never realized was that by buying a simple set of pre-made or custom cupcake toppers, I could actually use them for things other than cupcakes!

Cupcake toppers or “party circles" that are 2” or larger are great for a couple different things.... The most obvious is cupcakes, but you can also do some more unique things

  • Punch a hole in the top and tie to gift bags / boxes or treat baggies with ribbon.
  • Punch two holes in the middle (one on the left, one on the right) and slide over a straw to use with drinks, or even over a pencil as a favor.
  • Print on full sticker sheets and cut out then stick onto treat bags, water bottles, juice boxes, or anything else that could use embellishment!
  • Stick on the top of a sucker stick, straw, or similar item and slide into small centerpieces.

This just goes to show that you dont need to buy cupcake toppers AND gift tags AND treat toppers, etc. Why not buy one product that you can use on all of them? It saves you money and makes a beautifully coordinated party :)

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