Happy New Year!

Jan 3, 2023

I hope you're all starting 2023 off healthy and happy!

My quilting goals for this year are a bit different than years past. I'd really love to cross off some of my bucket list items as far as patterns and hoarded fabric go. There are things I've been holding on to that don't do me any good sitting on a shelf or inside of a plastic tote.

My goal this year is to make a few things for myself that I've really been wanting to make for several years. I want to grab those precious fat quarter bundles I've been saving, cut them up, and make patterns that I've been dying to make.

One of those will be a Temperature quilt which I'll talk more about down below.

Ending 2022

I do want to show off a quilt I finished late in 2022 as a Christmas gift for my Mom...

The Details

This quilt was made using the Birdsong line by Gingiber for Moda Fabrics. As soon as I saw the panel, I had to have it! My mom loves cardinals and the quotes on it really spoke to me. She also loves blues and grays and the colors matches her home decor so well.

I used one panel set, 1 charm pack, and a couple yards of coordinating fabric.

If you're looking for a pattern you'll be sad to learn that I did not use one. I made half square triangles and rectangle borders for the panels from the entire charm pack and just pieces to my hearts desire. I had no real pattern in mind, I just did what made me happy.

The label is from a sheet of customized labels from Sweetwater on Etsy. They're great quality, they ship fast, and one sheet comes with a good variety of labels - all with your name on them!

The backing is a luscious cuddle minky from Shannon Fabrics with subtle silver strands. Its so beautiful and warm! And of course the long-arm quilting was done by my good friend Megan. She squeezed it in just before December so I'd have it bound and finished just in time to gift to my mom for Christmas.

2023 Temperature Quilt

One of the bucket list items that I'm checking off this year will be a temperature quilt.

This is definitely a long-term project that will require lots of time just waiting for the next high and low temps to be recorded, lol. Im actually viewing it as a casual thing instead of something overwhelming.

If you use a historical weather website that keeps record of past temperatures, like Wunderground, it's not an issue if you miss a day when recording the temps. You can simply put the dates in whenever you need to and record it then.

My plan is to record high and low temps for each day of 2023 and make one 2" x 4" flying geese block for each of those days. The "goose" will represent the high temp, and the "sky" will represent the low temp. I'm doing a rainbow gradient of Riley Blake Designs Confetti Cottons for each 10 degree change in temps.

I'd love to know what your gals are for this year! Have you ever made a temperature quilt? What Christmas gifts did you sew up?

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