Honeycomb Half Hexie Quilt

Jul 27, 2020

I'm back with another hexagon quilt using my own FREE Easy Half-Hexie Quilt Tutorial, this time in beautiful shades of gold, mustard, and yellow that emulate honeycomb. This quilt uses fabric from the May 2020 Cotton Cuts Modern Maker Box by Ruby Star Society, and some other Ruby Star prints from my stash for depth.

If you didn't know, my husband is a beekeeper and currently has 7 hives. We harvest honey about once per year in the Fall, and always take lots of photos of the comb. We also use the leftover beeswax (and more wax from other local beekeepers) to make our own thread conditioner, BeeGloss.

I have always wanted to make a honey / bee themed quilt and the May Cotton Cuts Box seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.

Making the quilt...

The process for this Half-Hexie Quilt tutorial is quite simple, and thanks to stacking 8-12 layers of fabric at a time and cutting them with my OLFA 60 mm ergonomic rotary cutter, it is incredibly fast. I did use a few more fat quarters for this quilt than the tutorial recommends because my husband want it to be a larger throw size for him. Luckily, this quilt is easy to upsize simply by cutting more fabric.

One thing I did that is obviously different from the tutorial, is matching the half hexies piece to make full hexies in the quilt from the same fabric (see below). I wanted this quilt to be less scrappy than the original version and more like actual honeycomb.

If you've tried this free pattern I'd love to know your thoughts! It is one of the fastest finished for a hexie quilt by far.


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  2. Followed a half hexi quilt tutorial and I can’t get my rows to line up 😭


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