New OLFA product for 2020: Beginner Craft Knife

Jan 21, 2020

I've got a brand new product to share with you! OLFA is releasing a new Beginner Craft Knife.

This new craft knife has very limited blade exposure which makes it good for ages 8+ as well as skilled adults. It features a handy base that allows you to store the knife as well as containing an area to discard old blades.

Each replacement blade cartridge contains 4 blade refills and changing them could not be easier! Simple push up the dull blade, place it into the bottom of the stand and snap it off. The base will hold the old blades inside so they aren't a safety risk.

I found this knife incredibly easy to use and was happy with the way it preformed.

So far, I've tried this OLFA Beginner Craft Knife on sewable cork, fabric, and cutting out paper templates or pattern pieces. It works great for all of those purposes, and I know that other OLFA Ambassadors like myself are working with them in different ways as well.

So what do you think of this new product? Would you use it?

*I am an OLFA Ambassador for 2020. This product was sent to me at no cost to myself by OLFA.

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