Granny Square Block Swap

Oct 7, 2017

Welcome to the 2018 Granny Square Block Swap hosted by yours truly!

All of the information for this block swap including the sign up form and a super easy strip piecing tutorial for making these blocks will be found on this blog post. All you have to do is keep reading :)

The Details

You'll make blocks, send them to me, I'll switch them up and send some back to you made by other quilters. Send as many blocks as you see fit, but they will all be the same size (see tutorial here) and you'll only get back in the mail the amount you sent to me. EX: If you send 20 blocks, you'll receive 20 back.

20 blocks with a 6" border make a 52" x 62" quilt

All block backgrounds will be made with Kona White only.

Swappers will be put into teams determined by what type of fabrics they're using: Bonnie & Camille, Figure, Scrappy Brights (any designer), or Scrappy Low Volumes (any designer).

Sign up form: click here
Facebook group: click here

Shipping Info

When your blocks are ready you will ship them to me. My home address will be provided to you after you sign up using the form above.

You will be responsible for all shipping costs including mailing blocks to me, and getting blocks sent back to you. To make this work, you will send me your return shipping money via PayPal. I will provide a payment link to you after signing up.  With this money I will buy your return shipping label at the post office. I will not profit from any of this, it is simply postage costs. I will use USPS Flat Rate.

How much money do I send? US Participants will send $7.25 for return shipping and International participants will send $15.00 -- It must be paid BEFORE you ship your blocks to me!

Shipping Deadline: You must have your blocks in the mail to me by January 31st, 2018 if you're in the US and no later and January 17tht, 2018 if you're International. Any blocks shipped after this date will be returned as I will have already began the process of swapping them.

Please allow 1-3 weeks for me to swap blocks and get all packages sent back out.

Granny Square Block Tutorial:

We will be using the super easing strip piecing method from Moda Bakeshop (click here!) for our blocks. Each block will be trimmed down to 9.5" square before sending.

Note: This method produces 2 identical blocks from the same set. Send them both or keep 1 of each for yourself!

I hope you'll join us!

The sign up form has more detailed information so click it (at the top of the post) to checkout out. You'll have a few months to make blocks and ship them to me :)

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