Bonnie & Camille Log Cabin Quilt

Apr 28, 2017

To my surprise... I realized I have never blogged about my beautiful Bonnie & Camille Log Cabin Quilt. I did share on Instagram, but never on my blog so I thought i'd take the time today to show you some photos and talk about this amazing quilt!

187 Quilters from 6 Countries

This quilt was made possible by 187 lovely women from all over the world (including myself), 6 countries to be exact, who joined in on the  Instagram block swap hosted by @heartfullyhandmade. 

Each of us who joined the swap made 12 - 20" log cabin blocks, quartered them and saved a few blocks for ourself. The rest went to the swap host who mixed up every block and sent them back to us to make a quilt.

The fabric

Every single block (and the entire quilt, including binding and backing) are made from Bonnie & Camille or Moda Fabrics. Each of the more recent lines go beautifully together as they're all from the same general color palette.

This is an extra scrappy quilt, and I LOVE that!

The Quilting

I have sent almost every one of my quilts to River House Quilting in Montana, U.S. The owner, Shannon Parrott, always does an absolutely fantastic job on my babies. Not to mention, she typically has them shipped and back at my doorstep in Ohio within 7 days. She is FAST!

This time, I chose an E2E longarm pattern called "Marmalade" which I thought was so fitting considering Bonnie & Camille have a Marmalade fabric line, some of which is included in these blocks!

I am really happy with how this quilt turned out, and it is definitely my all-time favorite!  Plus, participating in the swap and having these blocks from so many quilters across the world was an amazing experience. I love that this quilt has blocks from places I may never get to visit.

Have you ever participated in a block swap?

I hope you love this quilt as much as I do! It has been a very pleasant experience and I cant wait to try another block swap in the future!

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