Zip Up Tray Pouch

Mar 29, 2017

A couple weeks ago I was honored to be asked to test Aneela Hoey's brand new pouch pattern, the Zip Up Tray Pouch.

As you can see, it's definitely a very unique zipper pouch. It is super sturdy and has lots of form. It folds at the sides and zips using a separating zipper, which when unzipped pops right open to form this beautiful high-sided tray.

When I first saw this pattern I was intimidated.. I mean you have to admit it looks a bit complicated but I assure you it wasn't. The pattern is simply written and easy to understand, plus the construction process is just genius!

What came to mind after I was finished making it was that it immediately is useful for cars / road trips. It is perfect for sitting on your lap to hold supplies, do some EPP, or any kind of hand stitching. Not to mention if you have children like I do, it works amazingly well for markers, carvings, pencils, etc. Any kind of art supplies could easily be stored in this pouch and used in the car without fear of them rolling allover the childrens lap or the back seat of the car.

I used a Kate Spain Daydream print for the main pouch body and an orange Alison Glass print for the binding (which has to be hand stitched down to finish it, for anyone wondering). I think it turned out beautiful and Im excited to make more! :)

You can purchase the pattern in Aneela's shop. I promise you'll be surprised at how easy it is!!

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