Herringbone Mug Rug Swap

Dec 21, 2016

Today I'd like to show you the package I made for a swap I hosted on Instagram: Holiday Herringbone Mug Rug Swap! (Also my submission for the Quilting JetGirl AG Challenge!)

The swap required each person to make one Herringbone Mug Rug, from my personal pattern, and throw in a few extras. The extra's did not have to be handmade - they were supposed to be either a loose or bagged coffee/tea and some nice treats. (Whatever your partner likes).

My partner Christina (@leeleequilts) requested rainbow colors and specifically likes lots of Alison Glass fabrics, so I chose a mixture of old and new AG prints that I had in my stash to make her Herringbone Mug Rug. Her mug rug turned out vibrant and beautiful - I was totally in love with it!

The back features another beautiful AG print, but I think one of my favorite things is the binding. It is so pretty and one of my favorite colors!!

I sent Christina some hot chocolate for the kids, some flavored water mixes for her, chocolates, and salted caramel cookies. I was glad to hear she absolutely loved the package and the kids were thrilled with the hot chocolate!

Swapping is one of my favorite ways to connect with the Instagram quilting community. You meet so many wonderful people and get to communicate with them in a way thats unique - making and creating together!

Thanks for reading, and if you love my Herringbone Mug Rug Pattern you can purchase it at any time. It makes a perfect gift for teachers, coworkers, friends, and more!


  1. Stunning Mug Rug, now to go find your pattern.

  2. You had a beautiful rainbow collection of Alison Glass for Christina! I think your binding choice frames both the front and back perfectly. Thank you so much for linking up!

  3. Absolutely lovely! That binding really pops and frames things perfectly. :)


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