Mini Sew Together Bag

Aug 31, 2016

Everyone loves a Sew Together Bag, right? I mean, if you haven't ever made one or received one as a gift you're totally missing out! They are beyond functional and can be used or multiple purposes. Today I want to show you the Mini version I made for myself specifically for EPP hexie projects!

I have a full size one (shown here) for sewing supplies (machine tools, extra needles, binding clips, presser feet, extra rotary blades etc) and I absolutely love it. It keeps all my essentials items all in a handy pouch that I could easily zip up and travel with if needed. It would also be great as a makeup bag or school bag.

This particular version is a Mini Sew Together Bag. You can find the instructions for sizing the original Sew Together Bag pattern down at, which is exactly what I used for this. Keep in mind you will still need to purchase the original pattern, the mini version just requires some simple math and removing a part or two in order to shorten the bag.

I used one-inch glue basted Cotton + Steel hexies on each side of my bag, sewing them down in different patterns on each side. I love the way they turned out and got a lot of compliments on the finished hexies on Instagram.

I find glue basting to be so much easier, more precise, and less time consuming as opposed to thread basting. But I find that a lot of people tell me they've never tried glue basting!! Its so great - you should try it if you haven't! Edit: I actually get a lot of questions about how I glue baste so there may be a quick tutorial for this coming up in the following weeks.

So let's get down to the bag itself - as you can see this Mini Sew Together Bag has 2 inside zippers instead of 3 like the original and is a bit smaller. Its the perfect size to use as a handy little binding kit or EPP kit.  I plan to fill it with hexie paper, glue basting sticks, fabric scraps, etc. - anything I need for paper piecing :)

I used various Cotton + Steel prints for the entire bag except the outside main panel background - that charocoal floral print is from Alison Glass SunPrint 2016.

As always, I suggest hand stitching to finish the binding on a Sew Together (any size). It adds a much more professional look even if it does take more time. And, of course I finished my pouch off with a cute tassel zipper charm :)

As you can see, it holds a lot! I have 30+ finished hexies, 100 cardstock hexie templates (one inch size), a fiskars hole punch, glue basting sticks, etc in this Mini Sew Together with room to spare in the outer compartments! I absolutely love it.

If you've never given this pattern a shot, you should! Thanks for reading and I hope you like this little bag.


  1. This is such a cute bag, I really like the smaller dimensions! I have not tackled a sew together bag yet but it is on my list!

    1. You should definitely try it Cheryl! I was a bit scared at first but after I made one I was like whew! that wasn't so bad after all! The mini is definitely my favorite.

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