Hexie Restock Today!

Jul 1, 2016

My shop has been restocked today! For those of you who have been asking about quantities, shipping, etc. here is some info...

  • 100 - 1" solid cardstock hexies for $2.50
  • 100 - 1" cardstock hexies w/ hole in middle for $3.50
  • 500 - 1" solid cardstock hexies, $12.50
  • Shipping in U.S. is $3.00 for a set of 100, for each set of 100 after that it is an additional $0.50.
  • I package them in resealable plastic bags inside of a manila shipping envelope to keep shipping prices as low as possible.
  • I do not ship International at this time. I only ship within the U.S.
A note about shipping: Shipping and handling charges are based on several factors including costs of packaging, added tracking info, plus USPS shipping rates based on weight and package size or type. The price you see on the sticker of your package IS NOT the full price of shipping and handling - it is ONLY the cost of USPS shipping rate. 

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Head over to the shop to order yourself some!

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