Grandma's Window Quilt and It's Story

May 9, 2016

Since i'm on the theme lately of blogging about old quilt that have yet to make it here, and Mother's Day was yesterday - the first one without my Grandma, I'd like to talk about the quilt I made for her just before her passing late last year.

This quilt, fittingly, is called Grandma's Window (pattern by TheVintageClothespin)

Several months ago my Grandma, who had dementia and COPD, began to get pretty ill. She hopped back and forth between a hospital and a nursing home for rehabilitation and treatments. My mom and her sisters and brother would also care for her at home when she wasn't so sick and was aloud to be there.

As she continued to worsen, her birthday was coming up - October 30th. My mom asked me if I could make a quilt in enough time for her birthday. I chose this pattern for it's simplicity because that's the type of woman my Grandma was. She was easy to get along with, always pleasant, never complained about her illnesses. She was so strong.

I finished the quilt and gave it to my Mom, who decided to give it to my Grandma days before her birthday, not knowing if she would last much longer. The day she gave it to her and my aunts and uncle read her her birthday cards and showed her the gifts as she lay in her hospital bed, she soon passed away.

This quilt was made with a MODA Ambleside 10" layer cake plus a Ambleside 5" charm pack, and some Kona solids. The backing is natural terry chenille and the binding is a beautiful grey polka dot with crochet edging found on Etsy.

I am so glad I got to make this quilt, even if my Grandma only got to enjoy it for a few minutes. It now lays across her favorite arm chair in my mother's house. I hope you enjoy this quilt and the short story I shared about it - and thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Such a beautiful quilt and story. ❤️

  2. Beautiful story , wonderful quilt... She must have loved it, what a wonderful last birthday, to be loved so much and those who loved her gathered... what a wonderful story...

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