FREE Printable 911 Emergency Booklet for Children

Feb 24, 2014

As the stay-at-home mother of a 6 year old and 2 year old, with a husband who works 2nd shift and is gone most days, I often wonder about what would happen if there were an emergency (particularly with myself) and the only people I had to rely on to help me were my two small children.

That’s exactly why i’ve created a printable DIY 911 Emergency book thats easier for children (of reading age) to understand incase of an emergency. This book, which is totally free, can be downloaded and printed at home for easy use. There’s literally no excuse why you should have one of these in your home.... what could it hurt??

The words are simple and straight forward in large print so children can read and understand them, and all you have to do is print and add your personal info!

Instructions for use:
  1. Print each sheet on paper or card stock.
  2. Assemble by stacking them together in whatever order you prefer and stapling. (Optional: Laminate to insure this booklet will last as long as possible)
  3. Write important information in the fields indicated in large legible writing so its easy for your children to read.
  4. Keep a copy in your home, and even in your car for extra security.
  5. Go over the book with your family every so often so they are clear on what to do!
  6. Make sure everyone knows where the book is placed and KEEP IT THERE! 
This book could also be useful for many other situations that may arise in your home or outside of your home (such as when traveling) where adults are there and someone in your family needs help.(think in terms of house guests, family members, neighbors, passing motorists, etc.) All of your info will be readily available to them when calling 911 and speaking to police and EMS. Please don't assume everyone you know or come in contact with knows your full address, allergies, birthdate, emergency contact numbers, etc. The reality is they probably don’t!

Thanks for visiting! If you found this post and printable helpful or think it needs to be altered in some way to make it better PLEASE let me know! :)

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